Heroes and generals recon equipment slots

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heroes and generals recon equipment slots

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  • Recon needs 2 more slots - Action Game Feedback & Suggestions - Heroes & Generals
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  • Infantry Sniper/SMG - Thoughts? :: Heroes & Generals General Gameplay Talk
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  • Recon needs 2 more slots - Action Game Feedback & Suggestions - Heroes & Generals

    And the hoarder was never a good idea. Thanks for the advice, though: My suggestion to Reto is the same - buff Recon by adding 2 slots. Maybe it will make recon players more active on a battlefield. But I didn't say 20 bullets is a good idea, I merely said it's an option. I recommended the other option.

    Anyway, 2 extra slots isn't needed for recons as they already have a lot of room and therefore a lot of possible choices for their equipment.

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    If there is a class that could extra equipment slots, it's paratroopers. Paratroopers are usually locked to one weapon without any side arms or bandages due to the restriction of 6 equipment points and weapons that require 6 equipment points, and one extra equipment point would at least allow them to bring one of the many 1 equipment point items that recons can already choose from. The inventory size was initially created without considering a med-kit as a must-have item. My infantry soldier had to say goodbye to grenades.

    Nah, limitation is there to encourage people to realize infantry is better. Plus fully modded pocket pistol is a fine secondary. Or just mod your BA to fire faster. It's a heavyset gold checker and credit drainer. SA infantry rifles can snipe good enough, no real reason for recons. In a way that doesn't just encourage more off the point uselessness and more players to play recon because there's already recon spam. Everyone wants to vasily.

    Infantry Sniper/SMG - Thoughts? :: Heroes & Generals General Gameplay Talk

    Off-point uselessness is a problem of course but let's not blame recons for that. Bad infantry camp in a forest with semi-auto rifles too.

    In most cases, it is easier to kill skilled infantry catching it off-guard with recon than to remove it from a cover from a short distance. Recons are geared towards camping far away, infantry is not specifically built that way.

    People who go recon as their main playstyle are going to be camping, not on points. So it's more of a problem with recons, yes actually.

    Can I increase my equipment points? :: Heroes & Generals General Gameplay Talk

    I don't really care if you're one who goes on points because the vast majority do not, and the vast majority do not kill enough to justify not being on points or simply being more effective as infantry. My point is whatever improvement to recon should come in a form that helps them contribute to the team. Quick links Recent changes Random page.

    I used to play recon before med-kits were introduced equipping rifle+pistol. Having pistol is logical since even maxed out bolt-action rifles do not guarantee 1-shot kill gold in close quarters. But med-kids quickly became new meta. They could tremendously extend the life of careful and skilled p. A standard Recon Assault Team does not have any vehicle resources, and only has 20 Recon resources. A good Recon in War can earn Recon Assault Team commanders lots of Warfunds due to a Recon's ability to hide and attack from afar without being noticed, Heroes & Generals Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Feb 13,  · I bought an anti-tank weapon (bazooka) but can't use it with my m3 grease gun,isn't there a way to increase equipment points? Login Store Community Support Change language View desktop website Heroes & Generals. Try putting your bazooka in slot #1 and lower the ammo to 1 shot, then use the hoarder badge.

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    This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Infantry should heroes have access to and sniper rifle that only uses 4 slots. In truth, generals Sniper rifle is not easy to carry around. This is a huge overlook by the developers, so enjoy this while you can. Recon 6 recon so Sniper needs to be 4 slots recon Recon can also carry a pistol.

    Recon must be equipment slots, so recon can not use more equipments Infantry is 10 slots Infantry is allowed slots use a "lighten sniper rifle that uses only 4 slots" Infantry is able to carry 4 slot equipment rifle, and still have 6 more slots for other equipment.

    In reality, I think Recon should be slots, sniper rifle 6 slots I mean, why heroes a paratrooper carry a sniper rifle then?

    I'd LOVE to drop down with a sniper rifle. So I can be useless and camp on the hill, and just snipe at and, doing nothing really important. At least I won't be sniping generals an M1. Last edited by Caelestus ; 22 Jul, pm.

    heroes and generals recon equipment slots

    I would murder you myself if you were in my team. Mentalish View Profile View Posts. I belive it takes a bit longer to deploy if you use more equipmenh 1 primary weapon.


    • Tanner Talcott:

      Recon soldiers act as the marksmen of the game and are experts in long-distance shooting; their knowledge of the terrain and their use of camouflage help them approach the enemy without being noticed, facilitating the location of enemy forces. These highly trained soldiers belong to specialized Reconnaissance Assault Teams.

    • Alvaro Raysor:

      Having pistol is logical since even maxed out bolt-action rifles do not guarantee 1-shot kill gold in close quarters. But med-kids quickly became new meta.

    • Edmund Engler:

      Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

    • Guillermina Goodrum:

      Every weapon and piece of equipment costs a certain amount of Equipment Points. As an Infantry Hero, you get 10 equipment points - your initial Semi-Automatic weapon will take up five slots, and your grenades will take up 2 slots. Every weapon with bullets can have a customized ammo count in form of pouches.

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