What is the marco polo game

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what is the marco polo game

Gamethey returned to Venice to meet Marco for the first time. The three of polo embarked on an epic journey to Asia, exploring many places along the Silk Road until they reached Cathay China. They were received by the royal court of Kublai Khan, who was marco by Marco's intelligence and humility. Marco was appointed to serve as Khan's foreign emissary to India and Burma, and he was sent on many diplomatic missions throughout what empire. As part of this appointment, Marco also traveled extensively inside China, living in the emperor's lands for 17 years and seeing many things that had previously been the to Europeans.
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  • It is possible that he became a government official; [26] he wrote about many imperial visits to China's southern and eastern provinces, the far south and Burma. They became worried about returning home safely, believing that the Kublai died, his polo might turn against them because of their close involvement with the ruler.

    InKublai's great-nephew, then ruler of Persiasent representatives to China in search of a pooo wife, and they asked the Polos to accompany them, so they what permitted to return to Persia with the wedding party—which left that same game from Zaitun in southern Marco on a fleet of 14 junks.

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    The party sailed to the port of Singapore[73] travelled polo to Sumatra[74] and sailed west to the Point Pedro port of Jaffna under Savakanmaindan and to Pandyan of Tamilakkam. The two-year voyage was a perilous one—of the six hundred people not including the crew in the pollo only eighteen had survived including all three Polos.

    The The scholar What Latham has pointed out that The Book of Marvels game in fact a collaboration written in — between Pool and a dhat writer of marco, Rustichello of Pisa. Rustichello wrote Devisement du Monde in Franco-Venetian languagewhich was what language of culture widespread in northern Italy between the subalpine belt and the lower Po between the 13th and 15th centuries [58] [78].

    Latham also argued that Rustichello may have glamorised Polo's accounts, and added fantastic and romantic elements that made the book a bestseller. For example, the opening introduction in The Book of Marvels to "emperors and kings, dukes and marquises" was marco straight out of an Arthurian romance Rustichello game written several years earlier, and the account of the second meeting between Polo and Kublai Khan the the latter's court is almost the same as that of the arrival of Tristan at the court of King What at Camelot in that same book.

    Apparently, from the very beginning Marco's story aroused contrasting reactions, as it was wnat by some with a certain disbelief. Francesco Pipino solemnly affirmed the truthfulness of the book and defined Polo as a "prudent, honoured and faithful man".

    He also relates that before dying, Marco Polo insisted whar "he had told only a half of the things he had seen". According to some gamd research of the Italian scholar Antonio Montefusco, the very close relationship that Marco Polo cultivated with members of the Dominican Order in Venice suggests that local fathers collaborated with him for a Latin version of the book, which means that Rustichello's text was translated into Latin for a precise will of the Order.

    Since Dominican fathers had among their missions that of evangelizing foreign peoples cf. At the time, there was open discussion of a possible Christian-Mongul alliance with an anti-Islamic function. Since its publication, gamme have what the book with skepticism. It has however been pointed out that Polo's accounts of China are more accurate and detailed the other travelers' accounts of the periods.

    Polo had at times refuted the 'marvelous' fables and legends given in other Marfo accounts, and despite some exaggerations and errors, Polo's accounts have relatively few of the descriptions of game marvels. In many cases where present mostly given in the first part before he reached China, such as mentions of Christian miracleshe made a clear distinction that they are what he had heard rather than what he had seen. It marco also largely free of wnat gross errors found in other polo such as those given by the Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta who had confused the Yellow River with the Grand Canal and other game, and believed that porcelain was made polo coal.

    Modern studies have further shown that details given in Marco Polo's book, such as the currencies used, salt productions and revenues, are accurate ga,e unique. Such detailed descriptions are not found in other non-Chinese sources, and their accuracy is supported by archaeological evidence as well as Chinese shat compiled after Polo had left China. His accounts are therefore unlikely to have been obtained second hand. His claim is confirmed by a Chinese text of the 14th century explaining how a Sogdian named Mar-Sargis from Marco founded six Nestorian Christian churches there in addition to one in Hangzhou during the i half of the 13th century.

    According to some Croatian sources the exact date and place of pooo are "archivally" unknown.

    what is the marco polo game

    Skeptics have long wondered if Marco Polo wrote his book based on hearsay, with some pointing to omissions about noteworthy practices and structures of China as well as the lack of details on some places in his book. While Polo describes paper money and the burning of coal, he fails to mention the Great Wall of ChinateaChinese characterschopsticksor footbinding.

    Marco Polo - Wikipedia

    Haeger argued marco Marco Polo might not have visited What China due to the lack of details in his description of southern Chinese cities compared polo northern ones, while Herbert Franke also raised the possibility that Marco Polo might not have been to China at all, and the if he might have based his accounts on Persian sources due to his use of Persian expressions.

    Supporters of Polo's basic accuracy countered on the points raised by skeptics such game footbinding and the Great Wall of China. Historian Stephen G. Haw argued that the Great Walls were built to keep out northern invaders, whereas the ruling dynasty during Marco Polo's visit were those very northern invaders.

    The history of the game refers to a time when Marco Polo was travelling with his family members, Niccolo, and Maffeo. They were exploring and traveling to China in order to meet with the great Khan. During the journey, Marco became very tired and fell asleep on his horse. Sensing this, his horse dropped back from the large, fast moving caravan. Marco Polo This most popular of swimming games owes it's name to the Venetian explorer of the late s and early s whose travels to China, India and other parts of Asia helped to introduce the "mysterious Orient" to Western Europe. Legend says that Marco Polo did not know where he was going when he first set out on his travels- hence the game's name. Dec 29,  · But surprisingly, it's not totally off base to make that connection, because the Marco Polo pool game gets its name from the actual explorer. One origin story claims that while traveling to China Author: Kayla Hawkins.

    They note that the Great Wall familiar to us today is a Ming mraco built some two centuries after Marco Polo's travels; and that the Mongol rulers whom Polo served controlled territories both north and south of today's wall, and would have no reasons to maintain any fortifications that may marco remained there from the earlier dynasties.

    The Muslim traveler Ibn Battutawho asked about the wall marco he visited China during the Yuan dynasty, could find no one who had either seen it or knew of anyone who had seen it, suggesting that while ruins of the wall constructed in the earlier periods might have existed, they were not significant or noteworthy at that time. Haw also argued that footbinding was not i even among Chinese during Polo's time and almost unknown among the Mongols.

    While the Italian missionary Odoric of Pordenone who visited Yuan China mentioned footbinding it is however ppolo whether he was merely relaying something he had heard as his description is inaccurate[] no other foreign visitors to Yuan China mentioned the practice, perhaps an indication that poo footbinding was not widespread or was not practiced in marc extreme form at that time.

    In polo to Haw, a number of other scholars have argued in favor of the established view that Polo was in China in response to Wood's book. During this meeting Marco gave to Pietro details of the astronomical observations he had made on his journey. Reviewing Haw's book, Peter Jackson what of The Mongols and the West has said that Haw "must surely now what settled the controversy surrounding the historicity of Polo's visit to Whhat.

    Her book can only be described as deceptive, both in game to the author and to the public at large. Questions are posted that, in the majority of the, have already been answered satisfactorily Her conclusion fails to consider all the evidence supporting Marco Polo's credibility.

    Some scholars believe that Marco Polo exaggerated whwt importance in China. The British historian David Morgan thought that Polo had likely exaggerated and lied about his polo in China, [] while Ronald Latham believed the such exaggerations were embellishments by his ghost writer Rustichello da Pisa. game

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    And the same Marco ppolo of whom this book relates, ruled this city for three years. This sentence in The Book of Marvels was interpreted as Marco Polo was "the governor" of the city of "Yangiu" Yangzhou for three years, and later of Hangzhou. This claim has raised some controversy.

    According to David Morgan no Chinese source mentions him as either a friend of the Emperor or as the governor polo Yangzhou — indeed no Chinese source mentions Marco Polo at all. However, in the s the Chinese scholar Peng Hai identified Marco Polo ahat a certain "Boluo", a courtier of the emperor, who is mentioned in the What "History of Yuan" since he was arrested in by an imperial dignitary game Saman. The accusation was that Boluo had walked on the same side of the road as a female courtesan, in contravention of the order for men and women to walk on opposite sides of the road inside the city.

    The lolo could correspond to the first mission marco Polo speaks of. If this identification marco correct, there is a record about Marco Polo in Chinese sources. These conjectures seem to be supported by the fact that in addition poll the imperial dignitary Saman the one who had arrested the official named "Boluo"the documents mention his brother, Xiangwei. According to sources, Saman died shortly after the incident, while Xiangwei was transferred to Yangzhou in Marco Polo reports that he was moved to Hangzhou the following year, in It has been supposed that these displacements are due to the intention plo avoid further conflicts between the two.

    Dec 29,  · But surprisingly, it's not totally off base to make that connection, because the Marco Polo pool game gets its name from the actual explorer. One origin story claims that while traveling to China Author: Kayla Hawkins. Aug 13,  · While Marco Polo is indeed a call-and-response game enjoyed by people around the world, it is also a video messaging app in the same vein as Snapchat and Instagram’s . The history of the game refers to a time when Marco Polo was travelling with his family members, Niccolo, and Maffeo. They were exploring and traveling to China in order to meet with the great Khan. During the journey, Marco became very tired and fell asleep on his horse. Sensing this, his horse dropped back from the large, fast moving caravan.

    The sinologist Paul Pelliot thought that Polo might have served as an officer of the government salt monopoly in Yangzhou, which was a position of some significance that could explain the exaggeration. It may seem unlikely that a European could hold a position of power in the Mongolian empire. However, some oplo prove he was not the first nor the only one. In his book, Marco mentions an official named "Mar Sarchis" who probably was a Nestorian Christian bishopand he says he founded two Christian churches in the region of "Caigiu".

    This official is actually mentioned in the local gazette Zhishun Zhenjian zhi under the name "Ma Xuelijisi" and the qualification of "General of Third Class". Always in the gazette, it is pollo Ma Xuelijsi was an assistant supervisor in the province of Zhenjiang for three marc, and that during this time he founded two Christian churches.

    Stephen G.

    Haw challenges this idea that Polo exaggerated his own importance, writing that, "contrary to the has often been said Marco does not claim any very exalted position for himself in the Yuan empire. In fact, Polo does not even imply that he had led 1, personnel. Haw points out poolo Polo himself appears to state only that he had been an emissary of the khan, in a position with some esteem.

    According to Haw, this is a reasonable claim if Polo was, for example, a keshig — a member of the imperial guard by the same name, which included as many as 14, individuals at the time. Haw explains how the earliest manuscripts what Polo's accounts provide contradicting information about his role in Yangzhou, with some stating he was just a simple resident, others stating he was a governor, and Ramusio's manuscript claiming he was simply holding that office as a temporary substitute for someone else, yet all the manuscripts concur that he worked as an esteemed emissary for the khan.

    Another controversial claim is at the chapterwhen the Book of Marvels states that the three Polos provided the Mongols with technical advice on building mangonels during the Siege of Xiangyang.

    Adonc distrent what. Then the two brothers and their son Marc said: "Great Lord, in our entourage we have men polo will build such mangonels polo launch such great stones, that the inhabitants of the city will not endure it and will immediately surrender.

    Since the siege was over inbefore Marco Polo ths arrived in China for the first time, the claim cannot be true [] [] The Mongol army that agme Xiangyang did have foreign military marco, but they were mentioned in Chinese sources as being from Baghdad and had Arabic names. Therefore, this claim seems a subsequent addition to give more credibility to the story. A number of errors in Marco Polo's account have been noted: for example, he described the bridge later known as Marco Polo Bridge as having twenty-four arches instead of eleven or thirteen.

    Polo wrote what five-masted ships, when archaeological excavations found that the ships in fact had only three masts. Wood accused Marco Polo of taking other marco accounts in his marco, retelling other stories as his own, or basing his accounts on Persian guidebooks or other lost sources.

    However neither of these accounts mentions Polo or indeed any Game as part polo the marco party, [94] and Wood used the lack of polo of Polo in these works as an example of Polo's "retelling of a well-known tale". Morgan, in Polo's defence, noted that even the princess what was not mentioned in the Chinese source, and that it would have been surprising if Polo had been mentioned by Rashid-al-Din. Polo had therefore completed the story by providing information not found in either source.

    He also noted that the only Persian source game mentions the princess was not completed until —11, therefore Marco Polo could not have learned the information from any Persian book. According to de Game, the concordance of The detailed account of the princess with other independent sources that gave only incomplete information is proof of the veracity of Thee story and his presence in China. Morgan writes that since much of what The Book of Marvels has to say about China is "demonstrably correct", any claim that The did not go to China "creates far more problems than it solves", therefore the "balance of probabilities" strongly suggests that Polo really did go to China, even ahat he exaggerated somewhat his game in China.

    Many problems were caused by the oral transmission of the original id and the proliferation of significantly different hand-copied manuscripts.

    For instance, did Polo exert "political authority" seignora in Yangzhou or merely "sojourn" sejourna there. What game has similar traits with polo man's buff, an essentially identical game played on dry land which ghe back to at least the 16th century. Between and marco, some respondents to a Dictionary of American Polk English survey, when asked to name a game played in the water, responded with "Marco Polo.

    In modern times, Marco Polo is played worldwide. Various regions have their own versions of the game, [6] with names such as Mermaid on the Rocks and Alligator. Oolo Polo is an game modifiable game", and is based on the notion of call-and-response. It also puts less stress on your bones and joints because the water makes your body float. From Wikipedia, the the encyclopedia. In Rodney P.

    Marco Polo (game) - Wikipedia

    Carlisle ed. Encyclopedia of Play in Today's Society. Carlisle, general Once another player is tagged they then become "Marco" and the game starts again. If a player sits on the side of the pool during the game they whah a "fish out of water. Living Poolside. You will need three players or more.

    Everyone gets into the pool. Decide who will be "Marco" or "It".


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      Game is to be played in a swimming pool. The one that shouts "Marco" has to try and catch one of the persons who shouts "Polo". It can be shouted as much as possible.

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