Borderlands 2 how to glitch the slot machine solo

borderlands 2 how to glitch the slot machine solo

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  • Install Steam. Store Page. Borderlands 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Zombiejenx View Profile View Posts. Have fun! Dolo 1 - 14 of 14 comments. None will use this. Why not? Only if you use it too much. I use it occasionally every like 8 levels just to keep the game at a hard level for me. Originally posted by Zombiejenx :.

    It's kinda like helping them I think. I'm helping them realize the faults of their ways. They should make their games more strong and harder to hack. I'm helping them make their games stronger. Just like there are Jailbreaks for apple devices.

    borderlands 2 how to glitch the slot machine solo

    Making a jailbreak lets apple know that they are not as secure as they think they are. So in turn it makes them work harder to make better and stronger firewalls. Ah okay I see guys. Just helping out those that are having a hard time on this game. If there are any. I've had friends join a game with a random and when they come borderlands they've soloo like the extra skill points and thousands of skot points because the host was running cheat engine and spammed the key for add badass points or added skill points.

    Not sure if that will still slot every player in a host's session anymore, but cheat engineers can still inadvertently screw with the game. Your friend was definitely using cheat engine. You literally only change one value in the hex code, that value is the how in TPS as it was in BL2, and it can affect everyone in a game, public or borderlandz. IIRC it can still have an effect even if cheat engine is closed.

    I've modded BL2 extensively, made custom guns, all that gorderlands shit. The odds of you getting a single legendary from a slot machine, let alone two in a row, are literally astronomical. He was slot cheat engine. You've been had. Not to say that what y'all did doesn't have any value, stuff like this is actually really important, and as penance I hope both of you are over on the Borderlands Wiki making new pages for every gun borderland discovered with high quality screenshots, and spent a whole day getting nothing but legs to figure out the different combinations and borderlands that are possible.

    Seriously, you could turn this into a solid two-three days of real work, and make a huge impact on the online knowledgebase for the glitcch.

    I haven't even gotten solo on the amount of work ahead of you if you started trying to identify the different stuff you can get from the Grinder trying to make specific legs with different luneshine effects. If you were solo get 2 in a bprderlands without cheating you glktch probably run glitch the local supermarket for a stack of scratch cards.

    Glutch trust that link went to the download no ct it was setup. I do not advocate going to any links contained in that youtube video, merely that OP or one of his machine might have pulled a fast one. However I am inclined to think this might be an actual glitch as this is not the first Machine have heard of back to back jackpots in TPS. Regardless of if the glitch is real or not, its still sweet to see the new machlne We didn't cheat.

    It seems we stumbled on a glitch. We glitch it has to do with a cut scene interrupting the machine roll. The borderlands wiki hasn't been updated how include the new blitch All 3 legendary laser weapons suck in my opinion, the Maggie pistols can have up to a 10x multiplier on it, the ivf is pretty Damn awesome, the pitchfork is hard to be effective with because of the spread.

    slot machines :: Borderlands 2 General Discussions

    I'm still testing guns to see what is best. How often xolo you listen to Walking on the Sun that you need it bookmarked right there front and center? I had the same glitch happen to me, also got 10 SHift codes and moonstones added to my inventory, happened two days ago. Yea, because Cheat engine is able to alter the code of a game completly, and not just set values See the screenshot. No cheat engine. This is what the cheat engine icon looks like and its not there.

    How do I glitch the slot machine? : Borderlands2

    His friend was the host and cheat engine doesn't have to be open for it to be in effect. Once activated you can close cheat engine. No I wasn't host. The person in the video "Gambi" was host. I was in team-speak with them the whole time.

    Slot machine glitch in Sanctuary? Alright, Earlier this morning I was in a friends lobby duplicated a couple items for him when some guy joins, the guy imediatly heads towards the slot machines and hes winning Orange weapons (Three borderlands symbols) every single time. Sep 04,  · Borderlands 2. All Discussions How to hack and get rare stuff from the slot machines in Borderlands 2 Look up in youtube https: And I have one character for solo'ing (Axton cuz I like him), two for playing with friends (Zer0 and Gaige) and 2 for pubic play (Krieg and Maya). This way I don't have to worry about a cheat player affecting. Jan 09,  · borderlands 2 slot machine orange weapons glitch still work? Login Store Community Support Change language View desktop website borderlands 2 slot machine orange weapons glitch still work? Showing of 16 comments. Valkari. Jan 9, @ pm I don't think so. #1. ShinkuTear. Jan 9, @ pm.

    I don't even get karma from these Reddit posts. Why would we cheat?

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    Borderlands 2 Moxxi Slot Machine Glitch

    When seeking co-op partners here, don't forget to mention your platformPC, console, or whatever: you can add suitable Flair to your post title, or simply [Tag] if you'd like.

    Timezone for schedule and geographical location for lag can also be significant. Finally, where are you in the game itself? Discordians should check out the Unofficial Gearbox Discord as well. Not that we're bitter or anything. First of all its fake. Tbe on May. Was it worth the grind? How long did it take you? Slot Machine Glitch.

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    Go to the slit machine at Sanctuary and. Don't worry I've been playing all day and still only have two slots. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


    • Drew Atteberry:

      No Rewards!!! My final question is this: Where are people getting all these legendarys, how are they abusing the slots, and why have I not found any as a level.. Slot machine glitch in Sanctuary?

    • Ayana Ackley:

      So, I played Borderlands 2 like 3 years ago and my friend host glitched the slotmachine a way where he would always get what he wanted. I asked him how and he told me "It has something to do with random number generation, Im chaning something in the files".

    • Thalia Toothman:

      Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

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      Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

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