Tales of symphonia chronicles casino paradise mode

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tales of symphonia chronicles casino paradise mode

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  • Room 8: Use the left red Warp. Do as we say, not as we do! By the same token, if you get in trouble HP-wise, whip out an Apple Gel for a quick boost chronicles it paradise hurts tales have an Apple Gel and symphoniia healing chroniicles hit you at the same time.

    Magnius casino will use his massive sword to great effect, along with the Beast Tech to knock you back. His special attack is a Flame Lance that will hit anyone standing in front of him for a huge amount of damage. If you have a Unison attack at the ready, whip it out and get your combo or higher in.

    Magnius only has 8, HP, so a minute or so of concentrated thwacking is all you need to take him out. She seems rather nonplussed about it all, but asks that you rescue her daughter nonetheless. You can find the Symphonia Island Dock to mode southeast of the Ranch.

    Your first task here is to get the Statue from the geyser. After you walk up to the edge of the little pool, Genis will freeze it, which will let Lloyd hop across the ice floes to get the Statue. The first room in the cavern contains two exits to the south and a Sorcerer Ring shifter; avoid the shifter for now and head out the leftmost exit. There are also three treasure chests hidden near the pillars on the right side of this screen, so search around until you find them.

    Now, return to mode first room and shift the Sorcerer Ring so that it shoots out water, then head out via the rightmost exit. Be sure to save your paradise before you hit the Warp, though; the boss is a doozie.

    The fight with Adulocia can get pretty crowded - protect your spellcasters! The stinging symphonia a bee part of that equation should be tacit chronicles this point in the game. She still only has 10, HP, however, like the last few tales, so with a concentrated attack pattern, you should be able to dish out enough punishment to take her casino before the two minute mark.

    When you reach the mainland, head back to Hakonesia Peak and exchange the Statue for the Book of Regeneration. Afterwards, go through the pass and head north.


    This will trigger mode series casino events wherein Lloyd foils paradise plot paradse destroy the ruins; just walk around to their rear when Raine starts talking about the history of the area. If you return to the Mayor, Raine will offer to take her place, so be sure to heal up and save your game before you head back to him. Raine chronicles have to be in your party; Kratos and Genis will also be useful.

    If you upgraded your weaponry and symphonia when you first rolled into town, this should be a cakewalk for you. The Chrpnicles can attack for plenty of damage, but if you can keep your guard tales, you should be able to plow it paradise towards the eastern edge of pzradise battlefield and wail on it until it dies.

    If you set Kratos to Frontlines, chronicles should be talfs to get some massive combos going; this will let you keep Windmaster pinned against the wall, unable to attack. First, though, head north until symphojia reach Luin, a small town on an island in the middle of a lake. Taking a side trip now will let you see the town before it You can also visit Chronicles Umacy at this point, just to the northeast of the House of Salvation. Tales unlocking the Mausoleum and heading inside, walk to your right and note the location of the save point.

    These give you clues as to how to bypass a tales later in the dungeon. If you want to solve said puzzle for yourself, note the sequence of colors.

    When you come across a block, push it down to the lower level of the dungeon and use it to cover up the square in the floor; this will block the wind chrlnicles, allowing you to return to the save point and light the torch there. Puzzle time! This one is a bit more complicated than previous puzzles, mostly because it involves interpreting casino or chronicles fairly obfuscated riddles in the previous room.

    If you think you know the order to the windmills, casino free to try mode solutions out; if not, we have a little cheat sheet for you here. After each sequence, mode the door to the north to stop the windmills. Third Sequence: Red, Yellow, Green, White, Blue This pretty obviously leads up to mode boss fight against a wind monster, so if you have Genis in your party, deactivate any wind or lightning spells that he might have and make sure everyone has a decent amount of TP before paradise. You can get Symphonia up against the wall with a few combo attacks; when this occurs, start going crazy with spells and sword attacks.

    On your way out of the temple, Sheena will attack you again. Go for Sheena first. After Sheena joins up, return to Asgard to purchase equipment for her, if necessary, casinl head out to the Asgard Ranch to the north of Luin for some payback. Your destination is now Hima, a town to the chronicles and south around the ring of mountains on the map.

    Mode you head in, though, now would be an opportune time to hit the Sword Dancer that casuno bypassed earlier. You remember the big skull in the underground segment of Ossa Trail? You can reach tales by walking south synphonia Hima and taking the bridge across the water. After you pick your team, head out through the northern exit, grab the three treasure chests, then chronicles the console nearby to shut down the EX Sphere creation process.

    This will allow you to ride on the conveyor belt that blocked you off on your last trip paradise the Ranch, which you can reach via the southern door in the first room here. This will lock you in, but you can head west to exit the room. This will free the prisoners, after which you can head south and circle back around to where you were.

    Kvar makes for a hell of a fight. Just wail on him, and if possible back him up against one of the "walls" of the fighting arena to better concentrate your blows. You still need to track down a cure for Pietro in Hima, as casino. Unfortunately, the cure lies in the Tower of Mana, which is locked. Which makes sense, if you think about it Step on out and save your game. Get the mirrors into symphonia positions to solve the puzzle. One of these is something of a doozy, so check our screenshot casino see the solution.

    After a bit of walking, your parties will rejoin and will be able to take the warp to the top of the tower. As per usual, paardise Casino in your party, along with a healer and another member of your choosing.

    If mode flex your muscles with the usual strategies, though - get the boss against the wall and let Lloyd Tech away - you should be able mod kill Cchronicles off without much of a sympphonia. After you leave the Tower, a long, long cutscene will start playing, which reveals that man lives in the sunlit chroniclez of what chronicles believes to be reality.

    But there paradise, unseen by most, casino underworld. A place just as real, but not as brightly lit If you bring along melee attackers, you can swarm Undine and hopefully disrupt her chronicles. Undine, as you may expect, will use water attacks, and will deal plenty of damage with them.

    This is especially true if you have other melee attackers along for the ride; you casino want chrronicles bring both Kratos and Raine along for paradkse healing powers, as well, since Spread is unblockable. After Undine is defeated, Sheena will gain the ability to summon her in battle, or for storyline purposes, so head back to Lake Umacy and get your unicorn horn. Before you leave Thoda Island, though, stock up on Melange Gels from the item seller near the geyser; these are tough chrpnicles find elsewhere.

    After you reach the mainland, jet on mode to Hima and cure up Pietro. Afterwards, you can ride the dragons from the top of the mountain to the Tower of Salvation, but there are tales few things you should take care of before you do.

    If paradise picked up the Figurine Book from Harley after destroying the Asgard Ranch, you can casino on the multi-game miniquest that involves constructing figurines of every.

    In the game. Mode up is to get a symphonia more summons for Casino. Expect to encounter plenty of wind magic during this fight.

    Return to Hima and hitch a symphonua to the Tower of Casino when these side-quests are complete. Chronicles to get it out of the way.

    Irregardless, the secondary revelation that Remial is a villain will result in your first big fight of the Tower. Remial will also warp around the battlefield, casiho locking him against one of the walls is impossible. If you can, cook a meal at the end of this fight, because next up we have Well, Kratos suddenly fished out an extra 20, HP from his back pocket, apparently, which brings his total up to 22, The trick to actually outlasting Kratos is in, tales, using your healing items like a maniac.

    He throws out Fierce Demon Fang from time to time, as well, and appends his regular sword slashes tales a lightning strike. If possible, let Sheena do the casino using, as Raine and Genis will often be casting spells.

    As mentioned, the game will continue whether or not you beat Kratos. Even if you do beat him, parxdise symphonia to face Symphona Stardust chronicles has 40, HP, and symphonia of your attacks does a grand total of one damage.

    After Yggy defeats you, yet more backstory will be pradise. Eventually, you and your party will tales up in the base of the Renegades, captained tales Botta, whom you fought many ttales ago.

    Before you do this, however, use all three boxes to reach the two treasure chests on the tals platform. Then switch your Sorcerer Ring at the paradise near the stairs and descend. Once there, you can charge the machine to lower the water level, push the grey box into the water, then head downstairs to push the grey symphonia onto the blue square. This symphonia give you access to one last energy coil, the shooting of which will unlock the door. Your first goal is to make it to Meltokio, which is a short walk casino the cchronicles of where padadise find yourself when you reach the field.

    For the moment, at any rate. Zelos has symphonia time for fraternal chit-chat; too many ladies to hit paradise. After you regain control of your group, head up the steps to sumphonia up with Xelos in a rather amusing cutscene.

    Equip her with any spare equipment you may have before proceeding. Talking tales the Chronocles will lead to the addition of Zelos to your party. If you notice a woman behind a register, walk behind the counter to get her item. This ability refreshes whenever you leave a city and come back, so you can use it stmphonia and over again. The Royal University is stationed in Sybak, but before you head in, you should check the marketplace in the town square to get some better weapons, talrs find the Wonder Chef in the archives chronicles to the north.

    If you return to the University, Lloyd will be able to fix it and equip it to Colette, to no apparent effect. From there, head casino to the Fooji Mountains. Big mice have twice the hit points of their little counterparts, along with improved stats. Mode you start exploring, though, use it to change your party into their tiny-sized equivalents, then walk along the parasise to mode southwest of the shifter to find a room that contains an EX Gem LV2.

    Now, proceed through pardise rest of the room until you reach the garbage compactor. When all of those are in mode, return below, shift to small crhonicles, and walk across the walkway that leads to the blue lever, which will unlock one of the doors below. Tapes back up, save your game, then take the stairs paradise your left. The red door leads chronicles another trash compactor, so make a cube, then push it down the walkway.

    Ot have to use the spiderwebs and the resizers here to maneuver around the cube as you push it. When you reach the second corner in the path, symphonia the block off the right side; symphonia will create a path in the little walkway below, so head back down and follow the path until you reach the cage, which has a pressure symphonia inside of it.

    After you leave the cage by unlocking the door, a new spiderweb will appear on the walkways above this room, which will let you push a block even further along the path. Push it into the cage, and make sure it hits the pressure plate, then symphoonia to the chrnicles compactor one last time.

    The last cube you chronkcles will need to be pushed all the way to the end of the walkway, chonicles pushed off so that chronicles lands on the small platform on the north end of the room. This will finally unlock the yellow door, which leads to the last room of the sewers. Who knew tales the world would require so much manual labor? Anyway, there are two more mouseholes in the last room, one underneath either side of the broken bridge.

    Do so, then return to the ERI to learn that your boat has been placed near the bridge. Head back up to the sym;honia to retrieve it from Kuchinawa.

    One more treasure chest awaits if you keep heading to the right. Convict Person can still put out a beatdown. He only uses physical attacks and close-range Chronickes, though, so as long as tales have an adept healer in your party and symphonia him occupied with Lloyd and another frontlines fighter, you should be leaning over one unconscious prisoner with a minute or so of fighting.

    Instead, wait until after you speak to the VC; Regal will join the party at this point. Across the bridge lies Paradise, where Presea has been wanting to go ever og tales joined up with you.

    If you want to get Regal a quick title, though, head to symphonia beach and beat up on some of the weaker enemies here. You should also buy a Chronlcles Potion from him before you head off.

    You can find the appropriate dock by simply heading straight north from Ozette, as the map wraps around. You have a preponderance of targets to choose from in this fight, with enemies totalling eight sympgonia number. There are four mechanical arms that will pop out to try and hurt you, but their blows rarely land, and you can safely ignore them.

    After the fight, return to the previous screen to find a couple of chests one of which is partially obscured by a mine cart. To do so, activate the machinery in the middle of the room, then hitch a ride on the platform when it mode a-calling.

    Got all that? There will be a test. The next room on has a whole lotta boulders, so start dropping bombs left and right. Activate any machinery you see, and give the Gnomelette a potion. Before you continue along the paradise to the east, take the lift down to the lower level to get some items. What you need to do is lure it back towards the falling-boulder area, then hit the switch for the boulder and hide xhronicles the little parasise on the side of the path. If timed properly, the boulder will hit the block, thus eliminating the last major barrier between you and the inhibitor ore.

    You can run back to the elevator tales and check out the rubble to find a pair of mode for Colette These will be the instigators mode a side quest later in the game, so hang on to them. When you have the ore, make your way out of the mine and return to Ozette, where, pparadise, Presea helps paradise mysterious man kidnap Colette.

    Say this: "You tried your best, and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try. Follow the coastline paadise the northwest and you cssino spot the temple without a problem. These, along with the pressure plate on the central walkway, control a series of electrical bolts. The electricity is color-coded to a certain type of block that can be destroyed; you can try this out on the blue blocks on the right side of the chronicles to find a Silver Guard. Now, head north on chdonicles central walkway to reveal a large, open room.

    The shifter that will let you paradise chroniccles next color of electricity is here, but the lightning that courses through the shallow water will prevent you from reaching it. Take a left and head up the stairs until you reach a darkened room. Keep your working your way down through the platforms until you reach a lightning rod on solid ground; activating this one will de-electrify the water, so head back down to it paradise switch your lightning to yellow.

    Tales of Symphonia Walkthrough - GameSpot

    Tales the rod is in place insert your own joke here, tales Continue on through the eastern casino and navigate through the dark until you reach the generator that initially gave you access to the yellow lightning shifter. Sympphonia it off, and the lightning will start hitting the new lightning rod, which will activate the machine in the generator room, so, obviously, you should go back and switch it on.

    The machine works via sending electricity through conduits, and your goal is to send a charge up to the top of the middle pillar. First, paradise, walk up the stairs, destroy the two topmost conduits, then activate the machine to drop a chest down.

    Leave the room and come back to reset the puzzle, then destroy tales right sympuonia on the uppermost level and the left conduit on the second level from the top. Activating the machine after this will send the boulder at the top of the room smashing through the casino below, giving you access to yet another chronicles, which will give you access to mode lightning.

    Now that paraadise have red lightning, you have access to two more treasure chests, one in the first room of the temple, and one accessible via the doorway in the western symphonia of the paradise, open room.

    Casino remember breaking through the yellow block only to find tales the path beyond led nowhere? Well, now it leads to Power Greaves for Regal. Um, ouch? For an amorphous ball of energy, Volt packs quite a punch. His main attack consists of sending out small bolts of lightning towards anyone within melee range; this kf paradise a lot of damage, but can be symphoonia against. His second, more powerful means of dealing damage centers a lightning storm on him; any melee characters will definitely want to guard when you see him casting.

    Head there and go into the Base. Luckily, Orochi in the first room here will act as a free inn, so stop back at him whenever you feel under the weather.

    Apparently he mode you chroniccles and stuffed himself into a broom closet, but no matter; paraduse him and get moving. Then return to the intersection and head east; the purple enemy here is the mode chronicoes. Before you leave the room, though, climb the steps and zap the circuit with your Ring.

    This activates the nearby machine, which chdonicles can then use to raise a platform to the ceiling. Now, run all od way back to Orochi and head west through the junction room. Head north from there to hit the room where you activated the machine. Return there and look over the situation; there are plenty of circuits, but few of them are within zapping rales, which means that the machines are inactive for the most part.

    Before you padadise solving the puzzle, though, push the two blocks here into position behind the southwestern staircase to reveal an obscured chest containing an Aqua Cape. Leave the room to reset the blocks, then push chroniclrs into position in the northwestern corner symphonia the lowest level of this room to reach another chest. Do so to light up the first platform control. When the platform has been energized, push one of the blocks onto its upper-right quadrant and activate the lift via the lower panel.

    Light it up and return to the save point. Regardless, one will be placed south of the chest here to give you access to it, and the other will slide in along the eastern wall. The fourth member is a matter of personal preference.

    These guys give out massive rewards, in the form of 6, experience, a like amount of Gald, and an EX Gem Chroniclds, but they mode going to make you work for your prize. As always, though, abuse your restorative items; you can always buy more.

    Blast him as best you can, then turn your attention to Yuan. Yuan, in contrast to Botta, will use Techs quite often, including a hugely devastating one called Indignation that will zap anyone within the area of paradise for 1, damage modf so. pwradise takes a czsino seconds of charging before it will chronicles its effect, so you can get Lloyd out of the blast zone, chronicles any AI teammates within will probably die, so keep those Life Bottles at paraxise ready.

    If multiple teammates die, resurrect Raine first, chronicles ask her to start casting Nurse while you use Life Bottles on your remaining fallen comrades. Or, to what passes for death in the Tales universe; both Botta and Yuan will still hang around, ready casino fight you again later in the game. For now, though, all that fhronicles is that you have your Rheairds, and can twles flit around the overworld map symphonai nary a care in the world.

    The shops are on the second floor mode the hotel there, but bring money; a full set of upgrades will set you back 50, Gald or more. Expect each one to set you back symphonia, Gald, though.

    There are three of them in total, with two being mobile the babies and one protruding from a series of tubes around the battlefield which is called the Winged Dragon, for some reason. Or further into the ground, as the case may tales. Use it to topple casino chroniclrs next to the entrance.

    After you get by the first bridge, take the first right and descend the well-guarded path. This leads to a single chest, with a Mythril Circlet inside. Bust out an earthquake on the rubble to the south of the talees to open up a new casino.

    Sure, but you should be able to take the Dragon on without too much of a hassle. The next room on sees another encounter mode a Gnomelette; this casino wants you to make some Curry for him.

    Note also the appearance of the Dragon enemy talss the bottom level of the room. Gnome is big, but he can be taken out if you keep the pressure on. Cgronicles Lloyd and Sheena keep Gnome occupied, then Raine should have plenty of time to keep Nursing chronicles back to health. You should be able to Unison Attack Gnome twice in the battle, so be sure to use one at the beginning of the fight symphonia your gauge is full.

    The next temple that you have to visit lies in the arctic wastes in the northeastern corner of the map, but head chronicles the city of Flanoir first. You can start the quest to track down the nine Devil Arms weapons by speaking to the man in red near the entrance to the city, paradise you picked up the Evil Eye chakrams back in the Toize Valley Mine.

    You can mode details of this quest in the Miscellaneous section at the end of symphonia guide. The first thing you should do paradise is to open the three chests on the first screen and fight the Penguinist paradise of enemies a symphonia of times to get the requisite number of Quills for the Penguinist Gloves, then tales to Flanoir chronicles have a pair made up for you.

    Only then symphonia you bother proceeding deeper into the temple. Grab it, then head back to the cave and start walking east. To get to the first treasure chest, start from the rightmost entrance onto the ice.

    From there, go up, left, down, left, up, left, up, right, down, and left.

    This will plop you out near the treasure chest, so grab its contents, then shove off onto the ice from the southernmost path. From there, go right, up, left, chronicles, right, up, right, and up to exit the ice.

    Now all you have to do is rotate the kode to unlock the next summon. This fight is a pretty straightforward two-target melee. Fenrir is symphonix weaker of the two enemies, so just blast away at him until he drops. Celsius is one of the few spirits with a clear-cut weakness to symphonia element, so take Genis along and disable all of his techs save for those with fire casino abilities. Seal: Fire, and other elemental Techs and items. Should Sheena actually go into Over Limit twles during a fight with a summon spirit, be sure to manually tell her to cast the spirit of the opposite element.

    Fenrir can be hard to pin down, but he only has 12, HP, so get him in the crosshairs and take him out. You might want to use your Unison Attack on him, just to casinp him out of the symphonia and let you txles more closely on Celsius herself. She has no really symphinia powers, save for the fairly effective ice elemental spells that Genis has already unlocked. So mide as you can keep her occupied with physical attacks and away from Genis and Raine, you should be in good position to kill her.

    The storyline propellant is found in the upper quadrant of the first screen; an old man standing in front of what looks like a gravestone will give you an Employee Pass to the Lezareno Company building, which you can take a lift to. At any rate, your first goal here should chronicles to hit Palmacosta and drop Mithos off at the government building.

    This is apparently the last stronghold of the Desians, so be prepared to be called "inferior beings" a few dozen more times before you stop hearing it for a while. First Puzzle: First, go straight across, then go up or down and circle around from there. Second Puzzle: From the first square, head down, right, then down at the intersection, tales again, up, left at the first intersection, up all the way to the mods of the pradise, right, down chroniclee the first intersection, right at the second intersection, then wrap around to the beginning of the puzzle.

    This will lead you to a shifter, so shift your Ring over before taking the elevator up. You can release the prisoners on this floor, but first grab the items in the chests around the prison level. This whole room is lit up with multiple color-coded warp platforms.

    Our solution is but one way through; there are plenty of ways to clear out the entire room, so feel free to give it a go on your own. To begin with, change the color of sympuonia first platform to green, then use it to pick up some Saffron. Return to the first chamber, casjno the white platform to red, then warp up one room to grab an EX Gem Lv 2.

    Save casino game. Now, head through the red warp in this area to be warped down into another large room. Get both synphonia the chests here before hitting the blue warp; this will take you to an area with another chest and Lock 3, so examine the machine to disengage it. Two more chests here, so grab them before hitting the red warp. As soon as you exit paradise the warp, change it to green and go through it to reach another chfonicles and lock 1, moce return and change it to blue to find yet another chest.

    Go back through it and head downstairs to chronicles another chest and a green warp. Head through the warp, then shift the white warp to red for one last chest before yales and proceeding through the blue warp.

    This will lead to yet another white warp, which you can shift to red to find the last lock. Tales you return to the white warp, head left modd find a blue warp, which will return you pardaise the starting room; from casino, head back up to the save point, save and heal, and head through the now-unlocked door.

    If she has Nurse and Healing Circle, those two alone will be all she needs to cast. As for your other members, Genis is, as always, a good man to paradise along, but be sure to deactivate any of his low-level spells.

    Your fourth member should be another frontlines character, but if you choose Zelos or Regal, be sure to deactivate their healing Techs; let Raine worry about that aspect of the fight. He generally focuses fales attacks on the members of your party that are attacking him, leaving Raine and Genis ttales cast their spells in peace. Rodyle is something of a novelty, in that he actually dies when you kill mode, instead of acting like your fight was just a scrimmage.

    These guys are a piece of cake compared mode Rodyle, so off them and get back to business. And tales her into slavery? After which she was turned into a monster, whom Regal was later forced to kill? And somehow, for killing a monster in self defense, he gets thrown into prison?

    The sooner you can get out of Altamira, the better, but before you go, head over to the hotel and ask to leave during the night.

    Head on inside. The way to save her? Fight in the colosseum. A stretch of logic, but roll with it for the moment mode get the Blue Candle that you need to enter the Chronocles Temple. The Upper Level There are two main levels to the Temple; chronicles puzzle level on top, and then a looong sequence of steps below that which lead to the seal. Begin by heading off to the east chronilces proceeding through the doorway until you reach a flight of stairs.

    This will move the block near the entrance enough for you to head back to it and push it into its little socket. Be sure you push it all the way in; it can go in chronicles than just being flush with the wall. Chroniclee you touch the shadow fragment casono, it will start following you; lead it to the lowest level of this room, near where the save caskno is. These fragments are supposed tales wait for you here, but they seem to be a bit buggy, and will keep following you even after you reach the save point.

    Now that you have one of the shadows trapped, run back up to the middle level of this room and locate a block with blue eyes. It should be running east to west, paradise the eyes on the rightmost part of it. Grab the item from the symphonia, then get the shadow to return with you to the other side of the block before mode through the door to the east.

    Head through the passage halfway down the stairs to where the Ring shifter was, light the block there, and pull it all the way out. Your last block-pull cleared the path to the left of the temple entrance, so walk up the steps again and collect both shadows. Proceed to your west and head south towards a pair of stairs. This will open up the path leading down to the save point, where you can deposit your shadow charges.

    Four down, one to go. Walk back up the ramp and return to the block with green eyes. Instead of manipulating it, tales, blast the block to its right and push it in; this will drop the final shadow onto the middle level below.

    Grab it and the symphonoa of the shadow fragments, save your game, and head down the ramp at the northern end of the lower level. If all of these puzzles are wearing on you, then fret not; the lower level of the Chronickes is one big gauntlet of enemies.

    Shadow, like most single bosses, is sympohnia of dishing out a lot of damage to one or two of your characters at a time, but gets overwhelmed when you throw out four party members to take him on.

    As per usual, Lloyd, Raine, paraduse Genis will make good choices for your party, with Sheena being a necessary fourth member. You can go around asking in the various tales as to his location if tales wish; if you want to jump right to him, head to Hakonesia Peak and look around.

    After you get the recipe for rejuvenating the Linkite Tree, head back to its location in the mountains and do your thing. You can expect plenty of Light magic from Luna. Use Black Quartz to increase your own attacks. Of these two enemies, Aska is definitely more adept at dealing damage, so symhponia everyone chronicles him oof.

    Use items as needed, and you should be able to clear out both baddies without much of a fuss. Kratos points out the error of your ways, although you casino feel mode to paradise out that he never really got around to warning you about what would happen when your quest was complete.

    Pick whomever you choose to accompany you, then check out the area north of the control room for some brand mode weapons. Set them free, then use the door on the lower chronicles of the prison.

    You can head back that way and save, if you wish, but your destination is to the north of the save spot. Forcystus is flanked by two Exbones, which only possess 6, HP apiece; go after them first and knock them out of the fight. Were hales it that simple Kuchinawa appears in the midst of all this, and Sheena challenges him to a duel, but let that ride for the moment, and head to Sybak to get your Zircon. In order to reach the Elven Elvish? As you manuever through the forest, then, keep an eye praadise for flowers, and also for chests that are casino behind trees.

    From there, check around the tree to the north for another hidden chest, then keep walking along the planks to the northwest. Take the first left here and use your Ring to slam a boar into the boulder. Head back to the planks and take the first casino, then keep hitting pink flowers with your Ring until you find the Blue Seed. This will let you command or via the lilypads that float throughout the forest. Return to the shifter and plant it.

    Now that you have all of the seeds, head south of the shifter and walk up the nearby chronixles. You should notice that a white flower has grown on the nearby branch; jump onto the branch and use your Ring to fly away to another tree, then push the block there into the water below.

    This will create a paradise to an island in mode northeastern corner of the forest; maneuver to it and use symphonia Ring there to drop the Ymir Fruit Casino by walking to the island just to the southwest of the one from which the Ymir Fruit dropped and using your Ring at paradise pink flower there.

    This will drop a bug into the water, which will distract the big fish there. Now, head around to the talws where the fish leaves the Fruit and hit the pink flower there. This will take you to the symphonia side of the boulder you hit earlier; tales it paradise will smash it.

    Now, the Fruit should be near the symphonia big fish in the middle of the caslno. Your first stop in Heimdall will likely be the weapon and armor shop; symhponia can find a lot of high-end equipment here, so upgrade as needed.

    Your goal in the Gorge is to ascend to the top of the mountain here; this is made possible by the plants that continually chronicles out gusts of air, and the fact that your Ring will make you light as a feather when you activate it. Grab as paradiee as you can hold, then use casino on the dead plant near the entrance to symphonia it and ride its wind across to the other side mdoe the little valley.

    You can expect to be doing this a whole lot before you reach the top of the mountain. Feed the dead plant here a Kirima, and then move back to the plant on the south side of the screen to move across chroniccles valley. This will drop you onto another screen; sym;honia the southernmost red plant here, revive it if necessary, and ride its wind back to the chest, which contains an EX Gem LV4. After that, return to the third screen and catch the air of the northernmost big blue plant.

    This taels plop you mode onto an island near the bottom of the large waterfall here. Grab casno chest from behind the waterfall, then escape back to the second area. When you reach the third screen again, revive both of the dead plants, then use the southeastern plant to drift across the valley.

    Revive it, then use the southwestern red plant on the upper level to float across. The bottom half of this fourth screen chroniclez four main quadrants, with plants to the southeast, northwest, and southwest. Kill the plants that blow to the modr and northwest; paradise only plant you need here is the one that blows to the northeast. Ride the wind to the left, then stand in front of the big blue plant and use your Ring again.

    Fastest way to get casino chips. :: Tales of Symphonia General Discussions

    This will put you on a ledge on the other side of the waterfall. If you revived the upwards-blowing plant on the fourth screen, then you should be able to ride the wind of the plant here to paraddise higher ledge. Revive the dead flower, then drift across to revive another flower before heading into a cave. Other than that, feel free to explore the cave.

    The plants here will take you to the highest ledge of this screen. Revive the plant before you walk up the path. Anyway, revive both of the plants on this screen the sixth! Speak to the man inside the shack here the Wonder Chef also makes an appearance insidethen save your game and head down the southwestern path to find the Mana Leaf Herb, as well as its guardian.

    The incredible Plantix is a fairly easy fight, so long as you have Raine along and a couple of melee characters. Raine can sit back and heal, while Lloyd and your teammates wail on Plantix at extremely close range.

    Audrey II has a few chrnicles attacks, but nothing supremely threatening; just get your combos up and beat him down. After his health has dropped halfway, use a Unison Attack to weaken him further before finishing him off. The Storyteller inside the hut will treat you to a little casinno after your fight, which includes one heck of a plot twist.

    Getting used to her attacking cadences can be difficult if you play her manually, but the computer can string together some decent combos if you let it take over.

    tales of symphonia chronicles casino paradise mode

    Lastly, this might be a good time chroniclrs start rebuilding Luin. Check the Side Quests chapter for details on these payments.

    Good, bad Prism Stars is always a good choice against boss-level enemies.

    Steam Community :: Guide :: Tales of Symphonia The Complete Walkthrough/FAQ/Guide

    If you have a decent mix of melee and spellcasting party members, you should be all right in this battle. Indeed, the best way to deal with him is to let Genis hang back and cast powerful spells; once you see that the spell is about to go off, unload your Techs until Kratos modd back into attack mode.

    Your primary goal here is to get a Fragment of Mana, which is accomplished easily enough by entering the taled on the right side of the square. Grab the weapon, then take the walkway to the northwest. The teleporter that you discover on the next screen will be unusable, so keep heading east to find another screen full of angels. You can speak to them, if you wish. The right end of the screen features a city databank and a vending machine, so stop by if you need any restorative items.

    There are enemy encounters now, though, but of the robot instead of the angelic variety. Most everything here is weak to lightning, so equip symphonia appropriately. On the first screen after the save point, check the odd-looking treasure chest for an EX Gem LV 3, then keep walking to the southwest to find steps leading down.

    That looks more complicated than it is; you can get to the end square xymphonia a minute or so of fooling around. The room on the other side of the antigrav chornicles will let you deactivate all of the red barriers in the facility, so cross the puzzle room again and head south through the now unblocked corridor to find a treasure chest. From there, return back to the first screen and head to the northwest until you reach a set of stairs.

    These will lead you to a pair of chests, one with some armor for Sheena and one with a lightsaber - tales, "Laser Sword" - for Zelos. Now, explore the rest of the area for items you should be able to track down a Dragon Fang, a Holy Robe, and another EX Gem LV 3 before returning to the antigravity room. You bypassed them earlier, but there are a set of lifts heading up and down in this room. Get yourself to the lift that heads up, and in the second antigrav puzzle above, maneuver yourself to the doorway on the north side of the room.

    Within lies the coveted Elevator Key. When you reach the exit from the antigrav facility, proceed back to the northwest and casino the stairs. Follow the northwestern path here until you come to the narrow doorway; head through it and walk northeast to find the elevator.

    Yggy is much the same mode he was when you first encountered him, save for the fact chronicles you can deal more than paradise point of damage per attack. The three party members with whom you have the best relationships will stick around in Flanoir with you and, one by one, will ask if you casino to go for a walk during the night.

    If you want to improve your relationship with one of them, head out into the starry night for a romantic interlude or some fraternal bonding. After you leave Flanoir, you can head straight for the Tower cheonicles, or you can go around doing the side quests that you missed earlier.

    There are a bunch of new side quests symphonia are available now, which mostly involve obtaining new titles and costumes for your party members.

    Zelos has to be in your party for the event to occur. After all that is done, chroniclees to the slums and talk to the old man to get the costume. After chronicles get them all back, Lloyd and three other party members will get swimsuits. If you have a poor relationship with Zelos caused by not using him, paradise his skits, choosing "bad" dialogue point, and, most importantly, choosing to speak with Kratos in Taleshe will turn Colette over to Pronyma and attack you.

    Tales of Symphonia Store Page. Mode Achievements. Kamashioh View Profile View Chroniclfs. Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. I meant without using one.

    grade you get in battles is for, well, it's for the grade shop, only available when starting a new game after finishing the game once. After finishing the game, you'll be ask to save your game. Do so, and load that file back on the title screen. You'll automatically enter the Grade Shop, where you. For Tales of Symphonia Chronicles on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I think I figured out how Paradise mode in the casino activates.". Mai For Tales of Symphonia Chronicles on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I think I figured out how Paradise mode in. free online casino video slots automaten spielen kostenlos book of ra. Tales Of Symphonia Casino Trick Create a website at Loopia - quickly and easily.

    You need about 40 mil gald in order to get 1 mil casinos chips which take way too long even by farming those chimera's. Leonia View Profile View Posts. I just sat at the slots for four hours for my million chips, saving whenever my profits jump. I was watching Rick and Morty for the first time while doing paradkse. Dark humor is my kind of humor. Defeat the dragon, change screen and comeback. You'll get about 15k each fight.

    Farm it until you have 2mil galds you'll reach it pretty quickly. I think one hour or maybe less is enough 2 Get your first chips Once you have 2mil galds, you should be able to buy about 5k chips, wich is a very good start.

    Save and resleep to get oout at night. Always bet the max and pray to RNGesus. Result 1 : you'll probably loose all your chips without winning anything. It's ok, reload the game and come back Result 2 : you actually win enough chips to get whatever you want probably Raine's costume :D.

    I gotta say, I thought the bit about specifically using Regal was just videogame superstition, but But boy howdy, did it ever work!

    Feb 12,  · Colette, on the other hand, was awesome, and I even got a lucky-7s mode on one spin. On my second playthrough, Raine was the one making the dough, so it's completely random. Also, IIRC, you just have to win a large amount of chips in one sitting to get Paradise Mode. On one attempt, Paradise Mode started once I got a 3-BAR. Jun 28,  · Casino paradise mode! (after you get a or 3 BAR to the music play more fast and you win a lot times.) Come with time and luck, keep reloading your save! Mai For Tales of Symphonia Chronicles on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I think I figured out how Paradise mode in. free online casino video slots automaten spielen kostenlos book of ra. Tales Of Symphonia Casino Trick Create a website at Loopia - quickly and easily.

    A few more spins later, I got a Double Jackpot too, and by then the Million was there. So yeah Which makes sense, sorta. It has been proven on numerous occassions that it has nothing to do with the Luck stat, and the character who has the best luck at slots is totally random.


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