Stainless steel slot drain cover

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stainless steel slot drain cover

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  • Stainless Steel Slot Drains | 40 Years of Experience in the Food Industry
  • Fountain Drains - Custom & Radius Slot Drains | Stainless Drains
  • Trench Drains | United States | Eric'sons Dura Trench
  • Fountain Drain Options
  • This leaves a seamless top and a solid body. No flanges or bolts required. The additional benefits of a field weld include decreased installation costs, superior appearance and a covsr performance.

    Our flexibility allows us to meet the needs of your fountain drain project. Your project will not be confined by out-of-the-box standard components when you call StainlessDrains.

    Stainless Steel Slot Drains | 40 Years of Experience in the Food Industry

    Box GreenvilleTX Only products bearing the NSF mark are certified. Fountain Drains StainlessDrains. Have a question? Who We Work With.

    Fountain Drains - Custom & Radius Slot Drains | Stainless Drains

    The unique design of the Drain trench drain system allows us to offer standard trench drain sizes as follows: 2" trench drain4" trench drajn6" trench drain8" trench drain10" trench drain12" trench drainstee, trench drain24" trench drain36" trench drainand 48" trench drain.

    Dura Trench drain systems can also be manufactured slot staibless slope. Our channel drain manufacturing process allows the customer to cover the exact flow steel velocity they need inside the channel drain. Our commercial channel drains can also be outfitted with any stainless and type of outlet pipe. We cast any type of pipe fitting directly into slot sidewall, end, or bottom of steel trench drain systems. This means that there are less pieces and faster installation of cover channel drains.

    Our trench drain bodies can stainless be manufactured with a rectangular or radius bottom.

    A trench drain with a radius bottom offers better cleaning velocities reducing maintenance of the channel drain. A rectangular bottom trench drain is often selected for above grade commercial applications where the channel drain is used in a shallow depth application.

    stainless steel slot drain cover

    Our shallow trench drains can be outfitted with clamping collars to receive waterproofing membranes. Dura Trench drain systems with rectangular bottoms are also used stainless industrial and commercial applications where customers may want steel clean the channel drain with a flat shovel.

    The durability of our heavy duty trench drain systems is a result of years of studying why trench drains fail on commercial sites and inside of industrial cover. We observed that most heavy duty trench drain failures are not due to channel drain grating or slot improper installation of the trench drain system.

    Most commercial channel drains fail because they do not drain transfer the loading through the top of the trench drain system.

    Trench Drains | United States | Eric'sons Dura Trench

    If any of the components of a heavy duty trench drain system fail, then the channel drain is compromised. Dura Trench drain systems are designed for the commercial and industrial environment to provide proper load transfer from the channel drain grate into the load bearing frame.

    Our flexibility allows us to meet the needs of your fountain drain project. Your project will not be confined by out-of-the-box standard components when you call Radius Slot Drains Configuration. Standard Configuration Slot Drains Include: or Stainless Steel Construction; Shipping Length up to 50’ Sections. ANTI SLIP METAL DRAIN GRATES. SlipNOT® drain covers and trench drain covers are designed for applications where durability and safety are food and beverage processing plants utilize SlipNOT® stainless steel drain covers to keep workers safe in wet, greasy and slippery work fxxv.yesorange.ruT® drain covers are grit free so they will not contaminate the end product or ruin. Why slot drains? Slot drains provide a high volume water flow - with a narrow opening. This is perfect for not only a sleek look and finish - but also with the ability to move the same amount of water and not have a large space / grating opening on your trench drain systems.

    Many "commercial" channel drain systems transfer this load directly into the channel drain wall. The tsainless of a typical trench drain body has little load transfer ability. This is why the heavy duty Dura Trench drain system has a frame that accepts this load and transfers it to the surrounding concrete.

    We never compromise on the proper load transfer of the load applied to the trench drain. This ensures that we can handle the heavy duty loads that you demand from a trench drain.

    stainless steel slot drain cover

    When you need a high quality trench drain system choose Dura Trench channel drains for your next project. Dura Trench.

    Innovative Labor Saving Durable. Trench Drain Blog. DuraTrench Fall Newsletter.

    Fountain Drain Options

    October 25, Boiling water on a DuraTrench drain. September 13, Advanced Polymer Concrete. August 16, DuraTrench Summer Newsletter.


    • Alana Alvey:

      Specialty commercial problem solving products. The products below can be used in a variety of applications with special installation or drainage requirements.

    • Alpha Aguilera:

      We have completed large fountain drain projects that incorporated area drains , trench drains and parapet drains. Our keystone project involved working with architects, engineers and contractors to construct a radius slot drain to encircle a fountain park.

    • Fleta Faddis:

      Labor Saving. Quality commercial grade Dura Trench drain products are available nationwide with rapid delivery from our extensive inventory. Eric'sons stands behind the products we manufacture with knowledgeable technical support and installation advice.

    • Sigrid Stoneking:

      With over 40 years of experience building commercial and industrial stainless steel slot drains, we want to be your trusted partner for your next project. We can work with your design or let us help you design a slot drain system that meets your needs.

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